Mailing Solutions

Docusys is an all-in-one mailing specialist.
There are both hardware and software that your organization can contact.
with customers quickly and efficiently

Folding machine for automated processes

Makes folding documents into envelopes easy. Invoice Reminder Letter Acceptance Mail Merge Directmail promotional letter Save and control costs increase work efficiency Can be done within the company or department

Neopost Software

Software to manage paperwork and mailing. Able to choose to store documents, print documents or send E-mail in one step, can add promotions, logos, barcodes or messages. On the letter without modifying the original file can work together with the automatic folding envelope packaging machine.

Pressure Folder Sealers

Makes working in a single mail delivery easy. Reminder letters, invoices, receipts salary slip credit card id report the results Hundreds of times faster than manual work along with saving time, money, and reducing the cost of mailing, the work looks good, has the standard of banking, insurance or leasing at present.

Letter Openers Extractors

Moving incoming mail faster to people who are waiting to deal with it means benefits to you and your customer: incoming payments can be processed and banked quicker to improve cash flow, customer orders can be put in hand sooner, minimum time is lost in dealing with any queries.