Packaging Machine

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Bundling Craft Film​

make work fast for customers it’s easy look organized There is a standard work without damage. The machine is easy to use. It works both automatically and manually. Automatic tape pulling system. Turn on the machine to use immediately, no need to warm up. Choose from many types of tapes. Suitable for strapping Packaging, Envelope, Security Printing, Price tag, Medicine box, Pouch.

Counting Machine

Best Seller in Japan. Touch Screen system. Easy to set counting. No hassle. Accurate counting. There are many models to choose from. Both paper counting, card counting, labels, tags, and various workpieces such as Plastic Card, Credit Card, Carton Box, PCB, Gasket

NeoSmart ICS

NeoSmart Intelligent Cutting System designed to support a variety of tasks such as cutting paper cards, curved business cards, die-cut stickers, plastic sheets, foam sheets, vinyl, product labels, packaging, box mockup, pop up, hang tag of various shapes. The machine comes with a blade for cutting, perforating, making creases in the same head.

Multi Function Card Cutter

Business card cutter The top model UCHIDA AeroCut X Pro automatic card is versatile, efficient, fast and flexible. The automatic business card cutter, postcard, crease, perforation in one machine can cut postcards, greeting cards, gift cards and other cards. Works with copiers, printers. Digital, offset printing machine as well. The device is not very large. Save space It is also easy to use. Just the first time you can use it. There is no need for employees to control the machine to work. The machine will automatically cut it. The machine can cut business cards with precision, accuracy and speed, made in Japan.

Wrapping Machine

T1650F Stretch Wrapping machine are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products being transported and store to protect them from tip,spill or form being damaged.Additionally,wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified

Erector And Sealer Machine

The automatic erector machine is used for forming and sealing cartons. The maximum working speed of the vertical opening mode can be 12 boxes per minute. It is usually used in conjunction with the sea ling machine, packing machine and other equipment.