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We are reputable in representing world renowned brands and insisting on supplying high quality standard and proven reliability products to our customers is our key reason of success.

Our Partners

NEOPOST, France – Business Mailing Solutions, eg. Franking Machines, Folders Inserters, Address Printers, Letter Openers, Mail Accounting & Management Softwares ...

Welltec System

No. 1, the sealing pressure with the most comprehensive range of solutions for stand-alone and in-line to meet the needs of your organization.


Uchida is one of the leading suppliers of paper handling equipment with unparalleled quality, such as automatic card cutters creasers, paper folders, paper drills, paper counter bundlers, Collator & booklet making system.


The most comprehensive creasing & folding in the world - and best!


Solution for document signing and continuous form bursters.


IDEAL Krug & Priester, the world leading manufacturer of business and shredded paper guillotines.


importer of air purifiers IDEAL Air Purifier IDEAL Classic Series AP15, AP30, AP45 Products imported from Germany Made in South Korea IDEAL PRO Series AP30 PRO, AP40 PRO, AP60 PRO, AP80 PRO, AP140 PRO, Made in Germany

NEOPOST (France)

Automatic mailing and dispatching system, digital postage stamp machine, automatic envelope folding and packing machine, Addressing printer, automatic envelope opening machine, NEOPOST software solutions, automatic sealer


the global technology leader in paper coating machines for over 30 years, has been the leader in paper laminating technology. The coating can be both Film and Foil made from South Korea