Filter AP 30-40 PRO

Filter for air purifier, IDEAL made from Germany, filters PM2.5, PM10 with a service life of 12-18 months. there are many models to choose from according to the product model
  1. Prefilter mesh
    The prefilter mesh encompasses the 360° multi-layer filter and removes dirt and debris such as hair, fluff and dust.
  2. Prefilter layer The prefilter filters out the coarse particulate matter and extends the service life of the HEPA filter. Layer by layer to clean air.
  3. HEPA microfibre layer The microfibre layer even filters respirable and ultrafine particles (PM2.5, PM0.3).
  4. Activated carbon layer The activated carbon neutralises even chemical substances, NO2, ozone and the strongest of odours.
  5. Cover layer The cover fleece protects the high proportion of activated carbon.
  6. 360° filter The 360° cartridge design guarantees effective utilisation of the entire surface, as well as a high air throughput.
Filter AP 30-40 PRO