IDEAL 1071

Professional trimmer with maximum features and 710 mm cutting length. Table size: 506 x 765 mm Cutting capacity (sheets): 40 Cutting length: 40 sheets (70g/m²)  
  • Height: 520 mm
  • Width: 570 mm
  • Depth: 980 mm
  • Weight: 23.0 kg
Format indications.

For efficient and easy cutting: standard paper formats, various angle indications and common photo sizes are printed on the table.

Manual clamp.

With this solid manual clamping device a variable clamp pressure can be applied depending on the material to be cut.

Front gauge.

The front gauge with integrated narrow strip cutting device is positioned via a calibrated rotary knob. Fold-away paper supports on the front gauge allow precise aligning of the paper.

Solid blade mounting bracket.

Sturdy design: Cast aluminium blade mounting bracket with double pivot bearings for the blade axle guarantees highly accurate rectangular cuts.

IDEAL 1071