Lubricating oil for shredders

Special lubricating oil for IDEAL shredders Description About this item. Includes bottles of shredder oil. Specially blended oil for shredders to prevent jams. Non-toxic, high-cling, non-detergent shredder oil. It is recommended that shredder blades be oiled for every 30 minutes of operation for cross-cut shredders, and for every hour for strip cut shredders. Oil helps your shredder run smoother, faster, and quieter, and puts less strain on the motor, gears, and bearings.Imported from GERMANY.

Recommended oil for lubricating and cleaning of paper shredder cutting heads

Size 50 ml​

Uses 20 times / 1 bottle

Size 80 ml​

Uses 30 times / 1 bottle

How to use

Apply the oil to the paper in a zigzag pattern. on one side of the paper.

final step Put oiled paper in the shredder compartment.

Lubricating oil for shredders