SecureFold 4090s inline

Automatic Sealing Folding Machine for confidential documents Non-disclosure information Including job formats that even the publisher can’t see information such as salary slips. Your own credit card, ATM, or high-level mail merge. within the company or department Help keep the information confidential. also save time cost control and increase work efficiency Suitable for workloads of 30,000 forms per month. The company has a demonstration machine that can be lifted to test with a present about the device. Details of the product are free of charge.
Machine Features
  • Mode stand alone, folding and pressing speed 9,000 sheets/hour
  • Mode inline, maximum folding and pressing speed of 3,720 sheets/hour
    (depending on the printer)
  • Compatible with printers at speeds up to 62 sheets/min.
  • It is a folding and sealing machine using only pressure, not heat.
  • Able to fold and seal paper with a thickness of 80-120 gsm/square meter.
  • Able to support sheet paper size A4, Letter, Legal 14”, B4.
  • Z-Fold, V-Fold, C-Fold formats can be folded.
  • 3FRR Paper Pickup Set
  • There is a paper thickness sensor. prevent paper stacking
  • here is a screen showing the number of folded papers. and set the number of folds in advance or set up a set of folding
  • There is a folding pattern and the position to adjust the machine
  • Machine dimensions (Width x Length x Height) 420 x 600 x 390 mm. Weight 48 kg.
  • Made from South Korea
  • 1 year product quality guarantee
SecureFold 4090s inline