Uchida U-Booklet

With just the press of a button, your booklet is done! Fast Production The U-Booklet has an icon based electrostatic control panel with a built in LCD counter. It makes the machine versatile and its operation easy and intuitive. Various functions and settings can be selected by light finger touch. The U-Booklet is a tabletop booklet making machine, that automates stapling / folding documents. Anyone can produce professionally finished booklets by easy operation, in a few seconds. Thanks to its sophisticated design and small footprint, the U-Booklet fits in any working place such as office, small business, school, church, copy shop and print shop.
Type Tabletop
Maximum paper size 330.2 x 468.0mm
Minimum paper size 110.0 x 210.0mm
Paper weight 64 – 300gsm
Capacity Up to 16 sheets of 80gsm
*Depending on paper quality and staple quality
Paper setting Manual insertion + press button
Staple process Manual (Press button) or automatic
Staple type 26/6 size
Staple pitch 90mm, 135mm or 180mm
Staple mode Saddle, side and corner stapling
Number of staple head 2
Paper ejection Natural ejection
Speed Up to 800sets/hr.
Error detection No staple, paper jam
Footprint 500(W) x 500(D) x 400(H)mm
Net weight 25kg
Uchida U-Booklet