T1650F Stretch Wrapping machine are used to wrap stretch film around a loaded pallet. Film provides extra support while the products being transported and store to protect them from tip,spill or form being damaged.Additionally,wrapped loads can easily be separated and identified

Wrapping layers can be set

Packing material LLDPE stretch film in use ca be set by the dimension range (T:30um, W:500mm, ID:76mm, OD: 250mm, about 1250m length.) to meet the demands of customer

Control Panel

Available to adjust the functions such as turntable speed, film tension as well as photoelectric switch detection of cargo height

Limited switch (Film carriage up and down limited switch)

  • Turntable mechanism with 6 nylon rubber coating roller
  • Star type arrangement,lower noise when operating
  • Varieble frequency converter control,no-load 6 – 12 rpm adjustable
  • Turntable working and stop working slowly and reset automatically
  • Individual turntable reset button on control pane