NeoSmart ICS

NeoSmart Intelligent Cutting System designed to support a wide variety of jobs, such as cutting paper cards, curved business cards, die-cut stickers, plastic sheets, foam sheets, vinyl, product labels, packaging, box mockup, pop up, hang tag. Comes with a CCD camera to help read work, suitable for many businesses Reduce working time In addition, the work also came out beautiful and accurate. The machine comes with a blade for cutting, perforating, making creases in the same head. Worktable with air suction system, easy to use, automatic self-adjusting. work speed Fully automatic paper pick-up system (Both incoming and outgoing) The machine works without supervision. save time save labor cost
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Body With Blade Set Powerful

The blade set is designed for easy maintenance.
and internal controls make it possible to cut thick materials and a variety of formats

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The machine is designed to work multi-purpose.

Can cut, perforate, make creases, cut curves, support paper work, stickers,
Plastic, foam, cardboard, vinyl, reflective sheeting, ABS plastic

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-01

KT board

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-02

PP paper

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-03

Form board

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-04

Sticker / yinyl

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-05

Reflectiv materials

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-06

Card board

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-07

Plastic sheet

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-08

Corrugated board

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-09

Grey board

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-10

Corrugated plastic

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-11

ABS board

NeoSMART ICS_Industry application-12

Magnetic sticker

NeoSmart ICS