Uchida Air Collator

AeroCollate is the latest compact and reliable air suction collator from UCHIDA. AeroCollate exceeds all functions of previous UCHIDA air collator with mounting exclusive design criss-cross stacker and hybrid collation system.
  • AeroCollate Specification 
  • Number of station 8 stations 
  • Max. Paper Size 364 x 515 mm 
  • Min. Paper size 120 x 210 mm 
  • Paper Feed system Upper Belt suction driving system 
  • Paper quality Offset, Glossy, Digital printed papers, Recycled paper and NCR paper (option) 
  • Max. loading capacity 50 mm / binProcessing speed 1,000 set / hour – 4,000 set / hour(A4 size, Portrait feeding) 
  • Paper weight Coated paper : 73.3g/m2 – 300g/m2Offset paper : 45.0g/m2- 300g/m2 
  • Max. stacking capacity 90 mm 
  • Stacking system Streight / Criss-Cross (Selectable) 
  • Counter Ten key, LED Display, Error indicator 
  • Table elevation Automatic table elevation 
  • Weight  252kg
  • Dimentions 950(W) x 720(D) x 1,960(H)mm



Easy paper setting

LED Lamp for each tray
Stacking table for various paper sizes
Uchida Air Collator